Team Members
Service 1 – Cloud website hosting and IT services for NGOs, small business and startups

We 小企通 offer Ants Partner cloud website hosting and IT e-solution services for NGOs, small business and Startups.

Services offered include Managed IT Services such as IT consultancy and project implementation, website, e-store, cloud services, BI, CRM, ERP

Man Working from Home
Service 2 – SOS Services – Working from Home Office, Air Purifiers during COVID- 19 attack

Working from home office solutions using various IT solutions including Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Slack, Google Drive, DingTalk.

We 小企通 can also provide air purifiers rentals.

Metal Led Lamp
Service 3 – Office cost and energy saving with LED lamp replacement

Conventional fluorescent or energy saving lamps in offices are worthy of replacing with LED lamps for cost and energy saving reasons.

Data Reviewing
Service 4 – Computer harddisk upgrade to SSD

Many old computers or laptops are still using conventional hard disks. We 小企通 offer upgrade of these low performance hard disks to fast SSDs, enabling the computers and laptops to perform much faster.